Reformission Reflections from Chapter 5 of “Confessions of a Reformissionary Rev.”

Chapter 5

  1. Which of the four elements in corporate worship is your church or ministry strongest and weakest on: singing, preaching, communion, or prayer?

    Prayer. Our prayers are not taken too seriously. People move around a lot or seem to tune out. My public prayers are at times meandering and not focused or well-thought through praises or supplications to God.

  2. What is the biggest hardship your church or ministry has ever faced? What is the biggest hardship your church or ministry is currently facing?

    Our biggest hardship in the past was our church split in 1997 over a pastor’s stepping down which ended up splitting the church. Our biggest hardship now is complacency and disorganization. This has hurt our ministry in a number of ways. I’d ultimately point it back to a disorganized pastoral team of which I am a part and carry much blame.

  3. How have Satan and demons sought to destroy your church or ministry and your own personal life?

    Strife between pastors. False teaching hit us pretty hard. Problem members who complain and fight a lot with the pastors unnecessarily is particularly discouraging. Laziness. Satan tries to destroy my personal life with laziness, lust, or discouragement over members or students who need to be pursued or are stubbornly rebellious.

  4. What is the biggest blessing God has ever given your church or ministry?

    Besides salvation and the grace that Christ purchased and channels to us, it may be this new church building.

  5. What is the biggest blessing God has ever given you personally?

    This job of pastoring the church that shaped me and cared for me.

  6. What sinful temptation have you said no or yes to that most changed your life?

    Saying no to fornication (pre-marital sex) when already spiritually mature and leading the church and student ministry.

  7. How well is your church or ministry doing at attracting, retaining, rebuking, inspiring, and raising up young men to be godly and masculine? What more can be done to achieve this goal?

    Not good at all. We don’t attract too many young men. Our young men are almost completely those who’ve grown up in the church. When young men come, they don’t stay. We rebuke some of our young men, but our older men and some of the fathers do not model or inspire the younger men to be godly and masculine.

    We at CFBC could do a lot of things. Masculinity that is godly must be understood, communicated, and modeled. I think we could start with stronger masculine pastoral leadership. Then from there I think we could get our men in a gathering and preach/teach them masculinity and call them to step up. I think we could strengthen our men’s ministry, but to that I think we’d need a strong, godly, masculine man who leads his wife and family, initiates reconciliation, family worship, sex with his wife, and ministry. This man needs to be humble and bold. He needs to be able to tell people directly they are wrong when they are wrong and encourage them when they need encouragement. This man needs to be mature and dependent on God. I don’t see a man like this in our church to take the roles needed to bring about the change needed in our church, but I see some men in our church with that potential. Without this, the only hope is preaching it from the pulpit and praying God to give us such men to shape the rest of our men in this direction. There are some at CFBC who could be those men, and I praise God for them. But I don’t see that imperfect yet godly and masculine man to help shape and mold our men.


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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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2 Responses to Reformission Reflections from Chapter 5 of “Confessions of a Reformissionary Rev.”

  1. mattdabbs says:

    I just ran into your blog. It looks great. I look forward to reading more. God bless,


  2. Jigger says:

    This is really encouraging kuya peej.

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