Reformission Reflections from chapter 3 of “Confessions” by Driscoll

Reformission Reflections from Confessions of a Reformission Rev. by Mark Driscoll.

  1. What are some of the most bizarre things you have seen in a church or ministry?

    Nothing really bizarre or demonic that I was aware of. There was one time when someone, outspoken in their zeal for truth and God’s glory, came across unloving and immature in front of the whole congregation in their statements and that was awkward, but that’s all I can recall at this point.

  2. How has Satan tried to destroy your church or ministry? How successful was his plan?

    Through a church split in 1997. His plan was not successful in the long run because our church was able to bounce back and move forward.

  3. Which types of people in the Coaching Corner list are currently getting the most attention in your church or ministry?

    I don’t think any classification stands out. The ones who get the most attention are those who are directly going to the pastors and asking for help or discipleship. That is not a large group of people, and there is not a lot of initiation on either side.

  4. Which type of people in the Coaching Corner list do you most appreciate? Why? Which do you least appreciate? Why?

    Horses because they are a huge help. Colts are great to have to because it pushes me to want to train and invest in their lives to multiply fruit. I least appreciate the rats because of their immature lives coupled with their arrogant critiques, assessments, and complaints are draining and sometimes time consuming.

  5. Without naming names, describe people that come to mind as illustrations of the various kinds of people listed in the Coaching Corner.

    Rats – One rat continually blames other people in their life, even though there are serious indicators and failures under the person’s responsibility, yet the person still doesn’t see the serious deficiencies in the person’s life and ministry that need to be repented of and restructured.

    Mules – Two men in our church set up sound and auditorium regularly without complaint or failure. They are a huge blessing to our church.

  6. How would you categorize yourself based on the Coaching Corner list? Are you proud of that, or do you need to make some life changes?

    Eagle. I’m not proud of it. The life changes I’d need to make are making sure that communication is open with all that it needs to be for the maximum benefit of the church.

  7. Based on the Coaching Corner list, which kind of person do you most aspire to be? Why?

    I aspire to be a horse, but for that to happen I’d need to be in more agreement with the vision or be one of the main shapers of that vision. That is not beyond reach.


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