Reformission Reflections part 2

This is a reflection on chapter 1 of Confessions of a Reformissionary Rev. by Mark Driscoll.

Before I go into answers, let me first say that I love my local church, CFBC Walnut. I love the pastoral team, I love the deacons, I love the members, and I love the students. I am committed to this church until Christ calls me elsewhere. Any comments that are showing the lack in CFBC includes me and is part of my mission to reform in the coming years. I love the church and so my candor is not to be taken as cheap shot criticism from someone who speaks from afar but does not love the people, commit to the people, talk directly to the people, or do something about it with the people for the glory of God. That being said, I will still intentionally leave out all of my comments and statements that I think would be used by Satan to destroy the church by it either not being said tactfully, humbly, or at the right moment. For that reason, I took out one of my questions and answers to this section.

  1. Does your church or ministry have a clear biblical understanding of Jesus? If not, what else do your people need to learn?

    I think our church has a good understanding of Jesus. What could be more emphasized is the incarnational model Jesus is to call us to missional living.

  2. What can you do to support the leaders in your church?

    What I can do to support the leaders in the church is encourage and call them to be more faithful, evaluate themselves and the church more, and to not be scared of change to grow. I can also defend them to others in the church who sinfully attack them.

  3. Articulate in one sentence the mission Jesus has called your church to. Would the people in your church give the same answer, or are there contradictory missions and confusion in your church? What can be done to bring people who are not on mission in line with the mission?

    Jesus has called us to know Christ and make him known in all things to as many people as we can for their joy in God. The church would not give the same answer. I think some might say evangelizing and edifying people. Or some might say fellowship and church attendance. In the coming months they will be tempted to say, “to keep the building payments on time.” We need to be careful of this. The thing that can be done is to repeat the mission weekly, put it on the program, the screen and power point, to pray it publicly and privately for our people, and to constantly assess all our church’s ministries in light of it.

  4. What ministry are you currently doing to help serve Jesus’ mission in your culture through your church? What are you learning as you serve?

    I am preaching and shepherding. I preach on these topics and try to live it out. I write this blog to help encourage it as well. In preaching I try to exalt Christ and equip our people to serve the culture. I’m learning that it may take longer and I need to be patient. I’m learning that church planting is very important. I’m learning that I need to listen and hear where people are at. I’m learning I need to evangelize more regularly. I’m also learning that I need to pray more and spend more time strategizing and pouring into key men in the church.


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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