Why I’m thankful for this pimple on my face

“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thess. 5:16).

I have a pimple, a big pimple, right between my two eyes. It’s white and obvious to anyone who will look at me today at church. I am 27 years old and married, but I still feel self-conscious. I don’t feel thankful for this pimple. I want to thank God for it, that’s why I’m writing this. Why should I be thankful for this pimple?

  1. It gives me opportunity to be less self-conscious and worship God and edify others today at church.
  2. It teaches me patience, because my normal practice is to pop it. I’m not going to this time, I will walk around church with my big zit and wait for it to go down itself, eventually. It reminds me that things are temporary and what should concern my heart and thoughts is not something so trivial and temporary like a 3-day (or 30 year!) zit on my face. Eternity is a long time.
  3. This self-centered self-consciousness that I feel and am tempted to continue feeling is the battle most of my jr. high, high school, and college students feel almost everyday. I don’t want to forget how hard it is, apart from Christ and the gospel, to focus on God and others when you have a huge zit on your face and you think (I think wrongly) that everyone will be focusing on your pimple when in reality they might notice it, but none will focus on it as much as I have and so I just need to forget about myself and think about serving God and others today.
  4. I should thank God because he has many purposes for this pimple and I don’t know the depths of his wisdom. He is wise and has a good reason for this pimple, even if I were not able to find one good reason to thank him, I would thank him that he’s good and wise in all things he providentially ordains, including this pimple between my eyes.
  5. I was going to end with #4, but a fifth reason to thank God spurred by #4 is the fact that God may use these thoughts to encourage someone to center on God when all they can feel is self-conscious pressure that is over-blown and not as big a deal as they might feel (like how I am feeling right now).

I can now truly say, after typing and thinking through God’s purposes, “I thank God for this pimple.”

God is so good and kind! I love you Lord!


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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9 Responses to Why I’m thankful for this pimple on my face

  1. Leon says:

    praise God for your humility in serving Him no matter how strange or
    “weird” the circumstances. It might be a little distracting to people
    at first, but it’s okay. People shouldn’t care. I don’t care. Elijah
    doesn’t care. Francis doesn’t care. More importantly, Jesus doesn’t
    care. We live in a fallen world with pimples. Praise God Jesus came to
    bear the penalty for sin, and for the redemption and perhaps
    pimple-less resuurection to eternal life that we’ve gracefully been
    given and will one day receive in full. Please post more personal
    things like this. I love it, and I praise God for it. We will laugh
    about this in Heaven one day, if we’re not already. I know I already

    P.S. it’s edifying to know that you’re saved if you accept Christ’s
    sacrifice in faith-as He is both Lord and Savior, and it’s even more
    edifying that we can laugh at the fact that I too have pimples, but
    look towards the prize of Heaven that’s already been won for us
    through His Son.

    I see a purpose for this pimple already..Don’t you?

  2. Frederick says:

    We here at SMO had a great laugh reading this post. I just can imagine. Really. It just lighten the day’s load.

  3. User says:

    Very inspirational. you may have changed my whole way of thinking. God bless for people like you. This is the purpose

  4. Jennifer says:

    I had a horrible outbreak today and couldn’t understand why God would do this to me. Thank you for writing this. I now have a very satisfied answer. 🙂

  5. R says:

    Thank you for this post.
    I have 7 big pimples in my face and two small ones….before I would have popped them,..al of them. Right now I am practicing patience and trying to have faith that God will eventually take them away….I have tried so many things before to take out my pimples in my adult life (Im also 27) sometime they leave , sometime pimples come back…like this time….they all decided to come back to my face……when this happens there is something in the back of my head that makes me depressed and antisocial….and lonely …I dont want to see anybody with huge pimples in my face….but today I went out, I covered them the best that I could without popping them and I just came back….I had a good time….I would have missed this very good time if I would have stayed home because of the pimple…. Today when I went out I met a girl that is the wife of one of my friends…and her skin is perfect…. I was not jealous …I just prayed God to give me the wisdom to understand my reality and have patience ….that these pimples will go away….without popping them… becuase if I pop them they will come back….and leaved a horrible scar …. so today your thoughts helped me to gain strength ….thanks

  6. Whai says:

    Thank you so much. I’m also have a bad pimple all over my face. I’ve tried many medication.Until I feel that there’s no hope in medicine.The only last treatment for me is asking God for healing.I intercess all day and night.God gradually recover my inner being.I’m sure he will heal me.But I asked him to do the miracle because Dr.said it will use at least 2 month to lighten up the scar.I think if everything is true according to what Dr. sayid, for sure I will be thankful.But I told him I want more I want to experience miracle which is beyond what other said.Right now my heart feels that he heal me I’m sure that in physical way he is now working.

  7. Apples says:

    God doesn’t give you pimples, you give them to yourself by not washing your face properly. And why do you even over think the whole idea of having a pimple. Everyone gets them and no one cares if you have them because they are common.

    • pjtibayan says:

      God is in control of all things in the universe, including pimples on my face. Why does it have to be either God or me? Can it be that God gives them to me through me not washing my face? I’m not over thinking pimples, I was trying to reflect on how I could know God more while struggling with the temptation to be overly self-conscious about the pimple. Thanks for the comment Apples, but I disagree with everything you wrote though I’m thankful for the comment.

  8. Godschild says:

    Thank you so much for this post ..I have a huge pimple in the same place as yours and i was seaching the net for ways to get gid of it….i was even thinking of squeezing it …Then i came upon your post …when you think about it makes perfect sense God is in control of every aspect of our lives no matter how small…and it”s it so funny how you can learn so much by having an imperfection it really humbles you. This was great now i see things so differently ..God Bless 🙂

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