How many of these prayers did God answer with a yes?

How many of these prayers did God already answer with a yes?  Leave a comment concerning one or two of them…

Pray for the students to know what endurance is
required to run the Christian life well all the way to the end so that they
have a lifetime of faithful and fruitful ministry (whether that lifetime ends
in 50 days or 50 years).
Pray for Eric Tibayan and Julian Leong who are
the director and assistant director respectively.  Pray for wisdom for them in leading us
through the camp.  Pray for humility and
teachability for the two as well.  Pray
that they would lead effectively and in a way that honors Christ.
Pray for the speakers Christ Brown (3 sessions)
and Andrew Callaway (2 sessions).  Pray
that they speak in the power of God the Word of God that we would be
transformed more and more into the image of God.  Pray for their last minute preparations and
for sensitivity to God and holiness.
Pray for the small group leaders: PJ, Yek, Ian,
Louie, Caleb, Frances, Geneyem, Crystal, and Jennifer.  Pray that the discussions are fruitful and
helpful for applying the gospel to their lives.
Pray that those who are not believers in Christ
will become believers in Christ this weekend.
Pray for some to commit to full-time vocational
ministry and for all to commit to full-time ministry no matter what “secular”
vocation God calls them to.
Pray that new friendships are formed and that
old ones are strengthened with Christ in the center.  Pray that the friendships do not look inward but
outward as a way to strengthen others who are not part of the friendship
(opposite of forming cliques). 
Pray that all of the campers commit to serving
God in the context of a local church.
Pray for safety on the road to and from the camp
Pray for lasting fruit and application of the
Pray for a life focus that keeps Christ and the
Heaven as valuable and worthy of living for, rather than friends, cars, food,
fun, and 5,000 other distractions Satan throws at them at this crucial point in
their lives.
Pray that this would be a turning point for many
into a life of consistent, enduring, devotion to Christ as their supreme


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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3 Responses to How many of these prayers did God answer with a yes?

  1. peepai says:

    Number 3 The Lord answered a big fat yes!!! God used Chris Brown mightily to change the way we look at scripture and think about scripture. God used Andrew Calloway to show us the weight of the holiness of God and how much we must revere our awesome mighty God. The Lord was so gracious through these two speakers and everytime the word was proclaimed the students. God gave open and soft hearts and minds. God is so good to us in Christ!

  2. JPMartinez says:

    Hey Peej,been a while since i stopped by here, i figured i would take a look see in the xanga world, and was firmly greeted by one of our infamous typo’s. Looks like you got Christ (brown) to speak at your camp. NICE. haha. I got a kick out of that one. =) almost as good as Pastor Alex’s (Jesus Christy)anyways. maybe you’d like to know how I am doing. I feel like people these days talk more about me then to me. I hope your not one of them. let me know if you are interested, or anyone else you know would be interested in catching up with me instead of about me. I’m open to it. It;s been awhile.your friend and brotherjP

  3. JPMartinez says:

    I work from 9-5Monday nights, Wednesday nights are usually good. Maybe I can come by your place and hang out with your family. I would love to see Elijah. Let me know if any of those times work well.-JP

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