Piper books on sale! – My recommendations

Since today and tomorrow John Piper’s books are all on sale for $5 without limit, let me recommend a few with a word on each (the traffic on the site is crazy right now, try again at an hour when few are online, like late at night):

  1. Future Grace – the best book on a theology of Christian living that is insightful and practical. The just shall live by faith, but faith in what? Faith in the future grace of God promised for the moment. It’s a really good book, designed to be read in a 31 day month, 10 pages a day. A great book to read with someone for discipleship. If any man at CFBC wanted to read through it together with me, I’d be willing.
  2. Desiring God – the vintage Piper book. His chapter on the happiness of God (chapter 1) and Worship (chapter 3) were so very insightful and life shaping for me. Chapter 4 on Loving others was also huge.
  3. The Pleasures of God – My favorite book of all that I’ve read outside the bible. It’s a little deep, but to see the glory of God through what he loves and where he finds pleasure is life-transforming. And the book is only 5 bucks!
  4. What Jesus Demands from the World – Short chapters that are very insightful and help you to fall in love with Jesus. There are 50 short chapters. If you got one book and you don’t have a lot of time to read, then I’d say buy this one. I try to read one chapter every Saturday night to prepare to worship God with the church on Sunday.
  5. Let the Nations be Glad! – this is necessary for any Christian who wants to have a global mindset and God’s heart for the salvation of the world. A book every church leader should read and feel. This book has given me direction for life and ministry. Eleazar would not be a marine today preparing for missions were it not for this book.
  6. When I don’t Desire God – The most practical book by Piper on how to nurture a desire for God and his glory primarily through Scripture and prayer.
  7. Don’t Waste your life – For those in the work place and schools, there’s a chapter here on how to glorify God at work from 8-5pm. A great chapter every Christian should know how to apply in their work and school tasks.
  8. God’s Passion for His Glory – this is a deep book containing Jonathan Edwards dissertation , “The End for Which God Created the World.” His answer, God’s glory. The most God-centered book there is besides the Bible.

Devotionals – short 2 page meditations on various Christian thoughts and culture to help us think and live God-centered.

  1. A Godward Life
  2. Life as a Vapor
  3. Pierced by the Word
  4. Taste and See

Books for pastors:

  1. Brothers we are NOT Professionals! – a great book for all pastors and leaders.
  2. The Supremacy of God in Preaching – a theology of preaching that is powerful and compelling. The book is pretty short.

About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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