Father’s Day 2007

Morning Devotion

This morning my wife woke me up at 7am to do my devotions while she
was driving around somewhere. I knew she was doing something for our
Father’s Day celebration, so I got up to read Deuteronomy, Psalms, and
Isaiah for morning devotion. I was not allowed to go to the kitchen, so
I stayed in my study even though I was very thirsty. The impression the
Lord gave me this morning was a thankfulness for being part of his
people in response to Psalm 103. Isaiah 41 left in me a sense of God’s
providence and our need for the Messiah, God’s servant.

Breakfast in bed

Frances came in my study and told me to go to our room. So I went in
there and then I heard Elijah crying. I got up to get him when my wife
screamed at me, “Get back in the room!” I realized she was with Elijah
when he was crying. So she came in with a tray with rice, soy bacon,
over-easy eggs, hash browns, and Hebrew National beef franks (my
favorite). There was also orange juice and a small bowl of fruits. It
was so good to eat! Attached to Elijah, who came in the room crying was
a Father’s Day card that was from the two of them. It was encouraging
to see them affected by my service to them, which is only by God’s
grace and is not as good as they made it sound (from my perspective).
But it was encouraging indeed. How kind of God! I was stuffed. Then the
three of us just spent time on the bed together.

Driving in uncertainty

So she tells me to head west on the 60. I had an idea where we were
going but did not make my hunch public in case I was right, I did not
want to ruin the element of surprise. We hop on the 10 west and exit
Venice (?) and get onto Pico. We finally ended up where I guessed we
would, the Museum of Tolerance. I always wanted to go there! We were
not able to get in until after 2:00pm, so we went out to find a spot to
eat lunch in L.A.


We were looking for the Apple Pan restaurant because it is rated
highly for lunches in Los Angeles. We found it a few miles away from
the museum, but it’s closed on Mondays. Frances and I laughed because
that always happens to us. We ended up going to Brooklyn Pizza. It was
really good pizza. We got an 18 inch one, half mushrooms, half sausage.
We ate the whole thing and took some more pictures. An Asian worker
came in speaking Hebrew to the worker who was serving us. There are a
lot of Jews with kippas on around that area and it was neat to hear
some Hebrew and try to pick up a little of the conversation (I only
made out one word!).

The Museum of Tolerance

There’s a lot that can be said about this. Let me just say that the
lady who gave her testimony of her experience during the holocaust was
insightful and a powerful introduction to what we were to witness at
the museum. I asked her about her belief in God and what she thought
about him during and after these incalculable atrocities and she said
she used to believe in God but no longer believes in the God she did as
a child. She said if we want to call the goodness of humanity “God,”
she’s okay with that. I thought that was sad and it made me long for
her to know the Messiah her people were waiting for.

I’m not going to summarize all I saw. The hate-speech section was
insightful and I think I’ll blog on that in days to come. Seeing a
remake of the Auschwitz fence that thousands (millions?) of Jews walked
passed never to exit was a sobering moment. To see the evil of
humanity, the problem of sin, and the poor, insufficient, yet
temporarily helpful solutions man was able to bring to the moment was
both challenging and inspiring. It made me want to pour my life out in
love and sacrifice for the good of others, but a love and good centered
on the person and work of Jesus Christ, expressed in the gospel. Men
nobly poured out their lives for noble deeds of love, and we Christians
are called to likewise pour out our lives for noble deeds of love that
would do eternal good to those loved and bring glory to Christ in the
Spirit’s power. This is a museum I want to visit at least once a year
as long as I live in L. A.

There were no pictures allowed in the museum.


We ate with Helen and hung out with her. I ate another big meal
since it was an all-you-can-eat dinner. We talked and hung out. We went
back to her dorm room, took pictures, and then went home. It was a
great reminder from God to worship him when we got a parking ticket. We
tried to praise God, and then were able to by God guiding us to these
thoughts: (1) God was sovereign over this ticket, (2) God is teaching
us to be more careful, (3) God is teaching us not to value money over
him, (4) we should value the time with Helen and see the money billed
to us as a small price for time well-spent for eternity, and (5) we
have to be humble, admit when wrong, and gladly face the consequences
to learn the lesson. So may God be glorified in us paying UCLA.


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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2 Responses to Father’s Day 2007

  1. hazzeLgirL says:

    what a lovely family day! plus helen! praise God!

  2. choontis says:

    I’m so glad you had fun! Sorry about the Apple Pan : ( but it was fun hearing and seeing Jews everywhere! I also thought of how they are still waiting for the Messiah…sad : ( -wifee

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