One Erroneous Opinion of Jesus Christ

 I just googled Jesus Christ to see what would come up.  In 0.9 seconds 27,900,000 web pages came up.  When we obey the command of Jesus when he says, “Come to me, all who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest,” my question is who is “me” and “I”?  Who is the person who is saying this?  Who am I coming to?  Jesus Christ.  But who is he?  Well, the apostolic testimony in the New Testament documents are clear and coherent, and that is where I’ll get the only accurate answer to who this person is I’m supposed to come to.  Thanks google for the 28 million opinions and viewpoints, but I’ll take Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, and Paul’s since they all speak coherently communicating the Holy Spirit’s revelation of who Jesus is historically and truly.

Below is one article I clicked on.  The conclusion is nothing short of damnable.  I say this with all gravity and seriousness, I hope this man repented and came to Christ in glad submission and faith before he died in 1978.  God is holy, gracious, and just.

Here’s the last paragraph of the article by Marshall Gauvin who died in 1978:

The Jesus Christ of the Gospels could not possibly have been a real person. He is a combination of impossible elements. There may have lived in Palestine, nineteen centuries ago, a man whose name was Jesus, who went about doing good, who was followed by admiring associates, and who in the end met a violent death. But of this possible person, not a line was written when he lived, and of his life and character the world of to-day knows absolutely nothing. This Jesus, if he lived, was a man; and if he was a reformer, he was but one of many that have lived and died in every age of the world. When the world shall have learned that the Christ of the Gospels is a myth, that Christianity is untrue, it will turn its attention from the religious fictions of the past to the vital problems of to-day, and endeavor to solve them for the improvement of the well-being of the real men and women whom we know, and whom we ought to help and love.


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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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