Trust in God? Trust in what?

D. A. Carson writes in For the Love of God, vol. 1, concerning Psalm 56:

“But for our purposes, the striking element in David’s confession of his trust is his repetition of one clause. Three times he mentions the Lord God whose word I praise. In this context, the specific word that calls forth this description probably has something to do with why David could trust him so fully under these circumstances. The most likely candidate for what this ‘word’ is that David praises is God’s promise to give him the kingdom and to establish him as the head of a dynasty. His current circumstances are so dire that unbelief might seem more obviously warranted. But David trust the Lord whose word I praise.

“What we need is faith in the speaking God, faith in God that is firmly grounded in what this speaking God has said. Then, in the midst of even appalling circumstances, we can find deep rest in the God who does not go back on his word. Transparently, such faith is grounded in God’s revelatory words.”

I am so glad that God speaks. This, I think, is the truth of God that we need in this hour. Especially with postmodernism and everyone wanting to question authority and who can impose who’s view on who. God speaks, which means we must hear, understand, believe, submit, and obey. This is another weakness with liberal theologians and those in the Emergent church with whom I’ve read or interacted with.  They can’t hear God because they don’t know him… as he has told us he is in his words.


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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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