Thoughts on God and the Laker Victory Last Night

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I am a big Laker fan and praise God that they won. When they were down by 15 or something like that, I was frustrated and put my head on my wife’s shoulder and prayed that the Lakers would win. And God answered my prayer! Now God is not a Laker fan, as can be proved by looking at their record and their past few seasons. God taught me a few things last night through the Lakers “amazing” victory:


  1. It is not as amazing as God and his redemptive works.
  2. God answers prayers, sometimes yes, sometimes no, always for his glory and his people’s good – I’m sure someone prayed for the Suns to win last night too.
  3. My calloused heart and joy in the trivial as opposed to the eternal and important. I was so happy and relieved last night and I had a sense of excitement and joy that was evident in the feeling in my body. I felt good. I couldn’t stop smiling. I would just think of the game and find pleasure in what occurred. Then I thought what God was teaching me. It’s not wrong to feel these things, it’s wrong to feel them more than feeling for God, his glory, his Son, his Church, his mission, his elect getting saved, and seeing his people growing. I thought to myself, the game and series and NBA is not as important as marriage, parenting, edifying saints, evangelizing the lost personal and corporate worship, ministry to the lost and hurting in the world, and a host of other things. And the NBA and the Lakers are INFINITELY less important than God. So while it may not be improper to feel gladness in the victory it is improper and convicting that I haven’t felt this way about God or the cross for some time! And my feelings for God should be far greater than this feeling! I praise God for showing me callousness, for causing me to repent, to trust in Christ’s final and sacrificial death, and calling me to grow in affection for him consistently and constantly.
  4. I praise God for Bianca because she was a good sport about the Suns losing. It may be because her team is up 2-1, but until I know for sure, I’ll give credit to God’s sanctifying grace giving her humility and joy in him to be a good sport =)

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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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3 Responses to Thoughts on God and the Laker Victory Last Night

  1. pjtibayan says:

    I’m a Laker fan because you are, and I joyfully submit to that : ) hahaha but you know I do like Steve Nash. Thank you for journaling on your thoughts, it’s a pleasure knowing my lovely husband does it to reflect on God and being discerning with how to think of things like a Christian (a Christian world view). I’m excited to be able to talk with Elijah about how to glorify God as he plays, does homework, watches a good movie, or watches the Laker’s by Abba’s side. I love you.
    your wifee,
    frances t.

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  3. Eric Turner says:

    Even when God answers with a “no” it’s still an answered prayer – just not the answer you were looking for!

    Bottom line? May he draw us closer to Him through suffering or success.

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