Mission in the Philippines – Day 1 reflections

1. I was able to talk to my wife after texting her. I praise God for technology that even though we are away, we can communicate.

2. I read the first 19 chapters of George Whitefield’s biography by Arnold Dallimore (the shorter version, about 200 pages). I was really blessed with thoughts of humility, courtesy, doctrinal division and unity, preaching to the mind then heart then will, the impact a man can have for the kingdom, a love for the lost, and generosity and living for eternity. I want to finish the book tomorrow. I read most of it on the plane on the way here but was hindered by sleepiness and my mom interrupting me with delightful and sometimes seemingly pointless conversation. I know it wasn’t pointless though, since one of the reasons I came out here was the realization this may be one of the last times I can spend with my parents on a trip like this before the Lord takes one of us to be with him. Every memory counts.

3. I want to share Christ with my Kuya Glenn who professes to have believed in Christ.

4. I want to impart some gift and grace to the pastors and Christians God has sent me to serve out here. I want to exalt Christ and not myself, though the temptation to exalt myself or feed pride is real. I need to examine my heart, confess sin, and look to God for grace and deliverance.

Romans 1:11 For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you— 12 that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.

5. I also need deliverance from lust. I did not lust over anyone since I have been away from home, but I can feel seeds of lust and temptation at times and need to be more vigilant and radical about taking every thought captive to Christ and rejoicing in the beauty of God in my wife. I do praise God for the purity of mind and heart (and action!) thus far and attribute all holiness to his grace and enablement through Jesus’ perfect work.

6. I’ve learned a lot about the Philippines and its culture. One thing I really appreciated was the courtesy or patience and lack of road rage the drivers have with each other, however disorderly the driving is in an American’s eyes. Though it is crazier out here in some ways, the fact that when others honk or don’t let one in the lane, they don’t really get mad but expect it, and try to get in where they fit in. They don’t take little gestures like that personal, which I find a lot better than the way I and others may take it in the U. S. when someone does not let us in the lane. How quick to impatience and prone to self-centeredness I am! I did not see that until coming out here.

7. I need to get away to pray and seek the Lord. I am always going to be in the company of someone throughout this trip, so the only solitude I will have is the solitude I intentionally create. In that sense my life and ministry these weeks will be close to Jesus’ earthly ministry where he had to intentionally pull away to pray to his Father in secret.

8. If I don’t intentionally move our conversations toward God, they might never get there. This means I need to seek God and then intentionally share God.


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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6 Responses to Mission in the Philippines – Day 1 reflections

  1. frances tibayan says:

    I love you soooooo! Thank you for thinking about Christ and even Christ in our marriage…keep fighting…keep enjoying…keep being intentional…keep thinking about me : )

    Goodbye my sweet honey bunny…lol…hehehe…hahaha…hewha!@

  2. Tito Jojo says:

    Hi PJ,

    I was just going to email you and ask if you have made contact with Sean Ransom. Please don’t forget to and bring your Dad and Mom with you to see his ministry under the Manalo Bridge.
    Praying for you specially for your struggles. Please pray for me too. I’m struggling with Sunday’s message – Genesis 1 – “It All Starts Here” (Message on Worldview – ref. Total Truth).

  3. Geneyem says:

    Hey Peter, Thanks for sharing your struggles, joys, and experiences out there in the P.I. We will be praying for your humility, purity of mind and action, and having a servant heart as you continue to do the will of our Father. Remember to rejoice in the Lord always even when you get really tired of all the speaking engagements or when the heat hits you. God is good and He’s good all the time!! Well see you when you get back…if the Lord wills!!

  4. LaDawn says:

    Praise God for your faith and love for the Lord, sharing your struggles with us helps me to know that I am not alone in having to be in prayer with the Lord to fight temptation. We will pray for your physical, mental and spiritual strength. See you when you get back…

  5. Achau says:

    Praise God that you made it safe in the P.I. I will be praying for you as you serve the people over there. Let’s set up a time for me to visit you and the fam when you get back. I want to see my “nephew” Elijah again! hee hee (Hey Fran!)

  6. Jojo de Guzman says:

    hi PJ,

    thanks for sharing those things w/us! I’m praying for you. I believe when dire needs come the Lord is right there and more than likely carrying us through our trials!

    be yourself, have fun, but in “all” ways always in control.

    take lots of pictures!!!!

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