Why people don’t serve at church…

Why people don’t serve at church:


  1. Don’t know gifts.
  2. lazy
  3. don’t feel part of the church
  4. shy
  5. selfish
  6. indifferent
  7. unappreciative members
  8. angry/critical members
  9. don’t feel gifted
  10. lack of delegation from leaders
  11. lack of follow-up
  12. lack of initiative
  13. leaders not asking
  14. fear of what others think
  15. parents
  16. pride
  17. already have a ministry
  18. difficult circumstances
  19. burned-out/frustrated
  20. unaware of church needs
  21. misplaced priorities
  22. rides
  23. unqualified for the ministry they want
  24. hog face servants
  25. not seeing “leaders” serve
  26. inconsiderate members
  27. not enough time
  28. no love
  29. handicapped

Do you have any to add?


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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4 Responses to Why people don’t serve at church…

  1. nEogEn says:

    It was raining so hard at mt. sac… I didn’t wear a jacket, so I had to wear the target bag! I really like the rain, and even when I was wet, I praise God because the rain is good sometimes!

  2. krazykreeza says:

    hey kupeej.sorry this is such a late comment. but i think one of the biggest reasons i dont want to serve in the church is because i feel like i need to have my “spiritual life” perfected. i feel like i need to have it all together before i could serve. i get this feeling from the other leadership in the church. why do you think that is??

  3. pjtibayan says:

    Kreez,Thanks for the comment and question.There may be a few factors:- you may not be communicating this feeling to the leaders.- There may not be a central emphasis for life, spiritual life, and ministry on the finished cross work of Christ and what that means for life and ministry.- The leaders may be wrong or not properly communicating what needs to be true of those who serve. I think you’re mixing up serving with leadership service. Serving is not necessarily leading.I think you should communicate this to those who you want to serve under at church. I also think you have a good point and need to bring it up and raise the question to them. I’ll bring it up to, but take responsibility if you do want to serve and ask for yourself as well.

  4. cinanul says:

    here’s a few that i thought you missed. first i’d put lazy as #1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5. then you can add these (in any particular order):lack of love for God(i guess “no love” fits here but “no love” is a bit general cause that can go to “no love” for the church, leadership, people…etc.) lack of fear of Godlack of knowledge what service isseeing others already doing the joband my personal favorite…not going to church (can’t serve if you aren’t there)

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