Don’t use profanity

Don’t use this profanity in this culture if you want to follow Christ.  There seems to be a lot of debate about whether using profanity (“cussing,” or “cursing”) is right.  In my view, in our culture, as a Christian, using profanity is sinful.  If you want to know why, read what Wayne Grudem says as an effort to serve us and help us see.  Check if his use of Scripture really communicates what God is saying.  I think it does.

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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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4 Responses to Don’t use profanity

  1. pjtibayan says:

    Good point Grudem…it made me look at how I was before “impure” in my worldly ways and how I use to cuss a lot and not care what the Almighty had to say because I wasn’t (At the time) representing him. Thank you love!your lovely wifee,joleen

  2. cinanul says:

    Help me? Not really. The solution is already here.How’s your baby? When does he get his first basketball? Can’t wait for him to dunk…he is gonna dunk right?

  3. cinanul says:

    Well then your boy has until tomorrow to dunk else I’m flying down and shaving his hair. 1v1…man you better start getting fit cause he’ll school you if you try to beat him…anything past 2 points and i’m done these days…them young kids got lots of energy

  4. pennyisshort says:

    ive been looking for Bible verses on this. thankss kuya peej

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