Ways Satan Steals Christmas

What is Satan’s objective?

  • To destroy faith
  • To bring as many people to hell as he can with their sins not forgiven
  • To thwart God’s plans

Why would he want to steal Christmas?

  • To destroy the faith of true Christians
  • To dishonor God

What is Christmas?

  • The celebration of the birth of Christ
  • The incarnation of God
  • Humbling or self-emptying of God
  • The revelation of God to humanity in its fullness
  • So Christmas is the celebration of the incarnation of God to save us from our sins to live for God and with God forever (first on this earth, then the intermediate heaven, then the New Earth).

How Satan steals Christmas:

1.      By distracting us

§         To give gifts to other people

§         To want things for ourselves and feed a materialistic mindset

§         By causing us to embrace good, but not gospel truth

·        Like food, family, relationships, forgiveness to other humans, love, kindness, generosity, rest, recreation

2.      By tempting us to sin

§         All sin by its nature will cause us to not enjoy God during Christmas

§         Bitterness with God or others

§         Guilt over past sin that hasn’t been confessed, repented of, and left on Christ’s cross – so when we sin, Satan keeps us in our sin

§         By getting us to be materialistic

§         By getting us to fear man – we tend to fear what others think of our gifts and our love and our thoughtfulness during this season

§         Pride to not reconcile, repent, trust God, ask forgiveness of others, confess one’s sin with openness and integrity

Ways God saves and preserves Christmas (the celebration of the incarnation to save and restore us):

1.      Christ and the gospel event

2.      The Spirit dwelling in us

3.      The Scriptures to feast on

4.      The church to walk with

5.      The glory of God to be amazed at and savor


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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